Our farm products


Farm Products


We have a variety of chickens (Layers and Broilers) held at the company’s farms whereby Layers makes the main livestock project for the time being. We currently have 5,000 layers and we hope to build more pens to accommodate at least over 20,000 Layers in Q2 of 2023. The strength of the poultry production-to-consumption model lies in its strategy to exploit the business opportunities offered by different market players along with the components of the proposed livestock value chain including direct access to other regions because of the training course that our strategically located farm avails us.

Fish Farming

According to the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics’ latest Gross and Domestic Product (GDP) report, Fishing under the agriculture sector contracted by -2.07 per cent in Q3 2020 from 5.68 per cent in Q2 2020 and 1.68 per cent in Q3 2019, which shows potential and exposes the un-tamped market. We currently have over 12,000 fish in our pond, and we are looking to increase that to over 90,000 fish by Q2 of 2022. This is in line with our goal to increase the GDP of fish exports in Nigeria. We aim to export dried/smoked catfish from our farm in Agbharo, Delta state to states like Benin, Anambra, Abuja and outside of the country. Our farm would also sell iced fished, point and kill, thereby increasing the value chain across boards.